Yale Motorized Cylinder ENTR

ENTR uses your current door lock to evaluate it to a new technology level. Disconnect your old lock and use ENTR instead, to allow access control. ENTR features: Suitable for any door type and size. It can be fitted easily to your current door. No drilling and cabling, powered with batteries. Free of external electric and cables. Safe and crypto wireless communication among system elements. Automatic locking - close the door and the lock will be actived automatically. This kit comes with 1 motorized cylinder ENTR and 1 remote control so that you can control the lock with the Bluetooth on your smartphone.  You can arm or disarm your door lock from ENTR app via your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth devices. You can have control 24/7, for example: You can create virtual keys and register them to your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth devices.  Crypto Bluetooth uses smart technology so it doesn't need to be connected to any network. You can receive notifications - door locked / door unlocked, battery life. You can control virtual keys and set a timed access authorization. You can get help from technical support interface on your smartphone app.