Smart Home Alarm Range

On my Smart Hub, the middle LED light is on, and hub is beeping every 30 seconds.

This means there has been an alarm activation or there is a fault is in the system. Please fully arm the system, then disarm. If fault light is still on please go into the app and check if there are any faults with any of the devices.

I keep getting supervision failure.

Please e-mail with mac/e-mail address - Customer support will do an update to rectify this.

Im not getting my sms coming through, my balance is showing 0

Please e-mail with mac/e-mail address - Customer support will do an update to rectify this.

My hub will not connect to the internet?

Please power down the hub including the back up battery. Then reboot, please also reboot the router.

Can I add a new user to the system?

Yes, you can add users via the app in account settings.

What happens if the internet goes down?

The alarm will not alert you remotely, however all settings will remain and you can control your alarm via the remote keypad. The alarm will remain in the state it was before the internet went down. Ie if the alarm was 'Armed' it will remain 'Armed'.

How will I be alerted if the alarm has been triggered?

You have a choice of, email alerts, & text alerts aswell as notificiations via the app.

How many smart accessories can i have on one system?

You can have a total of 20 devices with only 6 spaces for a combination of smart devices i.e camera PIR, video PIR, and power switches.

What accessories can I add in?

Any accessories from the Easyfit EF- and SR- range; however NOT HSA6000

My PIR Image Camera will not learn in.

Please remove the batteries, and wait for 1 minute. Re-insert batteries again and put the hub into learn mode. Press and hold the camera PIR learn button for 10 seconds until the cameras flashes. Con tinue to hold down for a further 5 seconds, you should then see the camera appear as a device on your device settings in the app.

I cannot see all my devices on the app, i.e PIR Image Cameras.

Please go into 'settings' in the app and go into 'system information' then press and  hold the 'SMS balance' until you see the option to refresh panel. Click on that and wait for this to syncronize.

Can I add more than 1 siren to my Smart Alarm?

To add 2 sirens to the SR310/320/330/340 (make sure using Smart Living Home App)
Delete any siren already linked, from the app.

1. Turn both sirens off, remove the battery cover and remove 1 battery from each siren, leave for 1 minute.
2. Refit the battery and screw the cover on, leaving power off.
3. Make sure all 4 of the DIP switches are set to off.
4. Turn the power on the sirens and you should get a beep and the 3 LEDs will flash.
5. Now on the app make sure you are in the devices menu and click on activate learning mode (It will spin round on screen saying learning mode activated)
6. Press the learn button on siren 1 - you will get a beep from the hub and the siren and it will show on the screen (name it siren 1 & a location)
7. Follow steps 5 and 6 for the 2nd siren (name it siren 2 & a location)

To test:

Both Sirens should now show in the devices list - bypass both in this menu and you can fit them.